Solapa table

There are three sizes for the tabletop: 60x60, 60x120, 40x120 cm.
In the case of Black Fenix mat are sizes: 50x58, 38x118, 58x118 cm.
These tops can be in: white, oak, walnut or black Fenix.
The legs can be: black or white fibreglass compound with two different heights: 30 or 36cm
(white legs is possible combinate with tabletop - white lacquered and oak)

These sizes allow you to use just one table, or to mix them with your own layout.
Solapa tables are the perfect match to the new Costura sofa.

Solapa tables in wood are made with walnut veneer or alpi oak veneer.
The white Solapa tabletops are made of white laminate that has a white lacquered finish.
Black tabletops are made of Fenix, a unique nanotech material with soft touch, super opaque finish, anti-fingerprint, resistant to scratches and that can thermically heal micro-scratches.

Available in 4 weeks

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