LIPS KINGKUS acoustic panel

Kingkus is a design company specializing in acoustic panels, systems and lighting fixtures. These pieces are a practical but also a refreshing part of all modern offices. Your employees will feel at home. They can use the room for phone calls, or they will have privacy with special panels, even right at their desk.

LIPS is an acoustic panel with a simple design. Due to the simplicity, these panels can be installed in several ways. The panel is made of 100% polyester. It is available in several colors.

Dimensions: 600 x 600 x 74 mm

By Kingkus

Kingkus has been operating since 1997 and is one of the largest suppliers of MDF panels, plywood and other building and decorative materials. Kingkus started manufacturing acoustic panels in 2010 and is now one of the leading manufacturers of acoustic panels.
Kingkus acoustic products are manufactured with the environment in mind, acoustic felt products are made of materials that use 80% recycled materials.
Kingus' own designers then produce original elements that will decorate not only offices and public spaces, but also homes

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KINGKUS colour
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Choose: KINGKUS colour
KP-01 light yellow
KP-02 citrus
KP-03 Orange tiger
KP-04 pure white
KP-05 light camel
KP-06 dark caramel
KP-07 opera
KP-08 red coffee
KP-09 light grey
KP-10 silver grey
KP-11 water grey
KP-12 moon grey
KP-13 greenery
KP-14 hreen flash
KP-15 lotus
KP-16 pageant blue
KP-17 Apple red
KP-18 tomuto pure
KP-19 purple
KP-20 Pagoda
KP-21 navagio bay
KP-22 little boy blue
KP-23 beaucoup blue
KP-24 blue green
KP-25 ultimate grey
KP-26 sesame
KP-27 pure black
KP-28 dark grey
KP-29 greygreen
KP-30 brown
KP-31 acros
KP-32 kelp forest
KP-33 regatta
KP-34 blackish green
KP-35 lue curacao
KP-36 dark silver
KP-37 Bonnie blue
KP-38 morandi
KP-39 harbor
KP-40 torquoise
KP-41 fallibg water
KP-42 forever
KP-43 Illuminating
KP-44 creamy white
KP-45 space grey
KP-46 peach pearl
KP-47 navy peony
KP-48 violet
KP-49 senado
KP-50 iceland poppy
KP-51 milk cocoa
KP-52 rust
KP-54 River side
KP-55 sharp
KP-56 mountain red
KP-57 strom
KP-58 matcha
KP-59 zara camel
KP-60 pure red
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  • 1 864 CZK


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