Hexagon wood wool acoustic panel

IN STOCK 3 PACKAGES IN RAL 5024 - blue (marked in photo gallery)

Acoustic panels can not only absorb sound, but also fulfill an aesthetic function!
This acoustic panel is made of 100% natural material called wood wool, with dimensions of 25x255x295mm. One side is 15 cm.
• 100% natural material with a design surface structure.
• Sustainability and environmentally safe, as it contains only wood, water and cement.
• Cement as a natural binder protects wood fibers and maintains their elasticity, it is ideal against aging and wood fibers are less brittle
• Acoustically efficient, excellent sound absorption.
• Suitable for environments with relative humidity up to 90%
• Intertek environmental statement
• Fire resistance A2 according to SGS test report
• Low dust during cutting

Possibility to choose your own color according to RAL - write the selected RAL in the order note (minimum order 50pcs)

The price is for a package that contains 5 pieces.

By Kingkus

Kingkus has been operating since 1997 and is one of the largest suppliers of MDF panels, plywood and other building and decorative materials. Kingkus started manufacturing acoustic panels in 2010 and is now one of the leading manufacturers of acoustic panels.
Kingkus acoustic products are manufactured with the environment in mind, acoustic felt products are made of materials that use 80% recycled materials.
Kingus' own designers then produce original elements that will decorate not only offices and public spaces, but also homes

In stock 5 pcs

RAL color
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RAL 5024
RAL na objednávku
  • 2 540 CZK

  • 2 099 CZK


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