Wooden magnets farm Vilac

Twenty wooden magnets with the theme of a farm, with which your children will create their own farm. Vilac toys have the brand of the French agency ADEME, they are produced without wasting energy ecologically, environmentally friendly.

Main features:
- 20 pcs of wooden magnets
- playful illustration
- decorative element suitable for the room and the refrigerator
- made ecologically, environmentally friendly
- intended for children from 2 years
- package dimensions: 15x14x6 cm

By Vilac

The Vilac brand has been fulfilling children's dreams for more than 100 years. Vilac is located deep in the heart of the Jura Mountains, surrounded by mountains, lakes and forests. This French company has been producing wooden toys in a classic, ancient style with modern colors and patterns since 1911. Vilac toys are unique, they will never go out of style and can enchant all generations. Vilac helps to shape children's imagination with its joyful illustrations or designs and reinterpretations of classic toys that don't just wear out. Children receive a lot of toys for Christmas and birthdays, but most of them will not interest them for a long time, the love for the toy will not come true. Vilac wooden toys arouse passion even 50 years later, when, as adults, you happen to find toys in the attic that you loved as children. For 100 years, Vilac has been connecting children with toys that they like and appreciate. And why do children love them so much? This remains the secret of Vilac.

In stock 1 pcs

  • 312 CZK

  • 258 CZK


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