A set of acoustic stools on a portable cart

A set of stools with a discreet colored plinth and a stackable stand on wheels will become a popular element of modern offices. Minimalist design and practicality combine into one perfect whole.

The set contains a total of 8 stools - 4 light gray, 4 dark gray

The construction of the stool is strong, but at the same time very light and can be easily moved with the help of a practical handle, which is also an opening for stacking on a stand.
The bottom edge of the stool is made of matte rubber in 4 colors, i.e. there are 2 pieces of each color in the set. The colors are pastel light blue, coral, yellow and dark blue.

The stacking stand is metal, painted with black powder paint and has wheels on the bottom. The upper part serves as a handle, i.e. you can easily transport the whole set to the other side of the office or lecture room.

Dimensions: height 420mm, bottom width 410mm, seat width 390mm

Weight of 1 stool. 3 kg

By Kingkus

Kingkus has been operating since 1997 and is one of the largest suppliers of MDF panels, plywood and other building and decorative materials. Kingkus started manufacturing acoustic panels in 2010 and is now one of the leading manufacturers of acoustic panels.
Kingkus acoustic products are manufactured with the environment in mind, acoustic felt products are made of materials that use 80% recycled materials.
Kingus' own designers then produce original elements that will decorate not only offices and public spaces, but also homes

In stock 1 pcs

  • 24 650 CZK

  • 20 372 CZK


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