LAU rectangular table + console

The Lau wooden table is a delicate design by Jesus Gasca. The Lau table has been created to fit with Laclasica chair.

The singularity of this table design comes from its details: a slight inclination of the legs with a smooth & curved connection to the table top. Hence making this table unique where legs and top flow in a fluid way.

Lau table is available in four colours with round or rectangular top, and also as console.

DESIGNER: Jesús Gasca

Lau table design is sustained in the attention to detail of the wood craftsmanship:
- BENT: the legs are slightly bent to achieve lightness.
- CONTOUR: The legs and the edge of the tabletop make a fluid continuous contour.


STUA furniture collection brings fresh, innovative designs produced in Europe. Timeless designs for a more sustainable world.
The Spanish company STUA has in its portfolio innovative and original furniture, which is characterized by a high level of aesthetic and structural detail. That's why this unusual design dazzles the whole world. The basis for STUA products is a classic modern design, which lies in simplicity and timelessness, which is why STUA products are similar to each other and are suitable for apartments, offices or restaurants - in short, any environment. Over the years of practice and operation, STUA has created a collection of contemporary furniture, which consists of simple, clean design and timeless pieces, including chairs, tables, bar stools and lounge or outdoor furniture. STUA is an excellent choice for residential and commercial spaces.

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