Pasha 660 armchair Pedrali

Pasha armchair is the perfect synthesis of tradition and innovation. It is suitable for hotel, restaurant and outdoor areas as well. In polycarbonate, glossy finish. Available colours: white, black, fumè and transparent.

Dimensions: 710 x 750 x 980 mm

Weight: 9.7 kg


By Pedrali

Fresh designer furniture from Italy
Subtle and elegant as well as crazy colors and playful - such are the pieces from the workshop of the Italian company PEDRALI, which has gained popularity all over the world. The furniture will enchant mostly lovers of minimalism, who are looking for chairs, tables and armchairs that will make them loyal companions for many years. PEDRALI relies on three basic pillars in production - simplicity, timelessness and quality workmanship. Thanks to this dreamy pairing, their furniture is a hit in the black for all modern spaces, from cozy home dining rooms to large trendy hotels that want to offer their guests only the best.

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PEDRALI - plastics
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